<aside> ❓ Most live stream issues can be fixed by refreshing the page.


How to refresh the page - (Fixes Most Issues)

  1. Look at the top of the page, near the URL bar


  2. Find the refresh symbol, which looks like a rotating arrow.


  3. Click it, then wait a few seconds for the page to reload. Then try playing the video again.

Still having trouble?

Other Tips

Don't worry!

If you are worried about the live version of the stream, or for some reason cannot watch all the way through, do not worry! A recording of the service can be made available after the live stream is completed. The Recording will be made available the same day, normally within a few hours after the Livestream has finished. We understand participating in the Live Service is important, but rest assured, you will be able to view the service on the same day. Always check the obituary page on the funeral home website to view a recording of the service.